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Divorce Sales, Modesto CA,

Let Estate of Affairs provide the information you need. You can rest assured that when you hire us, we will guide you every step of the way. 

At Estate of Affairs we offer liquidation services resulting from:

Estate Sales - Downsizing - Divorce  

Business Consolidation - Relocation 

Real Estate Clean Out Service

Count on us to diligently work for you. We utilize our extensive resources and knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve. Every sale is conducted with two objectives: to sell every item and to maximize the proceeds from each sale.

Why Hire a Liquidator?

A professional liquidator can ease the burden of the overwhelming scope of work required to handle the entire process. Remember, a professional liquidator has knowledge and experience with preparation, organization, pricing, advertising, negotiation, cleanup, and removal of unsold items. After the sale, the property is left empty and broom cleaned.

What Is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale is a sale done to dispose of a substantial portion of the items owned by a person who is recently deceased, downsizing, moving, divorcing, or filing bankruptcy. The public is invited into the home and given an opportunity to purchase any item that is priced for sale. Estate sales require skill and knowledge of a professional liquidator to sell the bulk of an estate.

How Does a Yard/Garage Sale Differ?

A yard sale is entirely different and far less complicated. Much smaller and contained, its purpose is often to thin out unwanted items. The venue is informal because a yard sale is an irregularly scheduled event for the sale of goods within the residence. The proceeds tend to be far less than an estate sale facilitated by a professional liquidator.

Our services include:

  • Organization
  • Pricing
  • Advertising
  • Negotiation
  • Cleanup

  • Optional clean out service ( No Sale Required)
  • Prepare property for realtor (ask for details)
  • Estate buy outs
  • Combine smaller Estates together for larger public interest

We sell new and used items, such as:

  • Antiques
  • Automobiles
  • Boats
  • Clothes

  • Furniture
  • Housewares
  • Jewelry
  • RVs

How Our Service Works

We offer a free onsite evaluation. During this time, we present you with a no-obligation proposal. If you agree, we provide a written Estate Sales Agreement outlining the scope of work, date of sale, fees, and payment structure. 

Preparations for the sale includes: cleaning, organization, pricing and advertising. During the sale, we handle all negotiations and bids, and later on, the cleanup. Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement under other services, we leave the premises empty and broom-cleaned. It's that easy, call today for a free consultation.

Estate of Affairs provides receipts for all merchandise sold during the sale and handles all the currency transactions at the sale. We reconcile the sale and provide you with copies of the receipts, as well as a check for your portion of the proceeds. 

Estate of Affairs does not require any upfront costs or fees from our clients for most sales.

We capitalize on every sale by providing Superior Customer Service